Welcome to Fall River Homeless Service Providers Coalition!

The Fall River Homeless Service Providers Coalition’s (HSPC) mission is to:

Preventing Homelessness

  • work towards eradicating homelessness in Fall River, MA
  • to improve access to mainstream resources
  • to assist in the transition from homelessness through the continuum of care
  • to provide supportive services
  • to help maintain housing
  • to prevent discharge of homeless people to the streets
  • and to employ a quality Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) that accurately tracks and counts the homeless.

If you or some you know is homeless or at risk for homelessness please contact us today.

January 23,2014

A subcommittee consisting of Julie Almond, Ryan Heap, and Lynne Olsen-Vieira met on Thursday 1/23/2014 to review and rank the new and renewal projects that will be part of the Fall River CoC application this year.

After careful thought and consideration, the subcommittee formulated the ranking of the II prospective programs for the CoC application that you find below. In reaching a decision, the subcommittee took into consideration the importance of several factors: provision of permanent housing; provision of housing to the often underserved specialty populations of young adults and veterans; and review of programmatic performance measures.

The recommendation committee is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the review process.

Ranking Recommendations:

Tier One

  1. Francis House
  2. ANew Home
  3. A Loving Home
  4. Stone Residence
  5. NSHP
  6. Second Chances
  7. Thresholds
  8. Gateway to Home
  9. HMIS
  10. Chaos
  11. Project New Beginnings